Sculptra is a FDA approved Poly-L-Lactic Acid injectable (Biostimulator). Gradually absorbed by the body, this product works to replace lost collagen and address the cause of facial aging. Helps revitalize and increase collagen production therefore restoring volume and minimizing wrinkles and folds. Also effective on shallow to deep nasolabial folds, contour deficiencies and other facial wrinkles.

  • Optimal Results & Treatment Frequency:
    Typically requires 3 treatments over every 5-6 weeks to optimize results. Treatment typically lasts 25 months.
  • Pre Procedure:
    Discontinue herbal supplements and vitamins for 5 days prior to procedure if possible. Stop NSAIDs/aspirin x 10 days prior to procedure if possible.
  • Post Procedure:
    No vigorous exercise the day of the treatment. Cool compresses and/or Tylenol for swelling/tenderness after treatment. Consider topical and/or sublingual Arnica if bruising occurs. Avoid sun/UV sunlamp exposure until redness/swelling have resolved. May apply make-up a few hours after treatment. Resume exercise 24 hours post procedure. Most importantly *Massage face for 5 minutes 5x/day X 5 days.
  • Possible Side Effects:
    Including but not limited to bruising, minimal bleeding, infection, redness, tenderness/injection site pain, itching, lumps, and keloid/hypertrophic scarring.